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Reply To: WPML Bridge no Posts visible

Jason Bobich

So, there actually appears to be a bug in one of WPML’s functions for WordPress 3.5. By my plugin simply calling their icl_get_languages function to grab all languages currently setup from the admin, it’s messing up the query for everything because of the way they’re trying to reset it afterwards. In looking at their function, it looks like they’re just using an old method of doing this, and with WP 3.5, it’s just now catching up to them.

For a quick fix, I edited your copy WPML bridge plugin by simply resetting the query the proper way after WPML’s function is called.

I’m going to try and post in the WPML forum and tell them about this and see what they say. It’s probably just such a small thing no one has noticed it yet since the WP 3.5 update. Worst case scenario, I’ll just update my plugin with this little fix I gave you, although it’s a bit of a hack and shouldn’t be needed.