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Reply To: Vertical Navigation

Jason Bobich


No, apologies but Akita or Alyeska don’t have any kind of direct features for this, and this just isn’t part their design. Jump Start is more of a blank canvas, and is setup as pretty much exactly how it looks. But because it’s so simple, it’s much easier to customize over themes that many things built on top of the framework like in Alyeska and Akita. is actually a Child theme of Jump Start. I set the site to have the Left Sidebar sidebar layout. I unhooked everything in the header. I hooked the themeblvd_header_logo_default function to the top of the sidebar. Then I added the custom menu widget to the Left Sidebar itself from Appearance > Widgets.

You may be able to try something similar with Akita or Alyeska. I’m sure if it’ll look great, though. You’d basically just unhook the main navigation, and then put your main menu in your sidebar with the “Custom Menu” widget.