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Reply To: Update Akita Theme?


Hi Jason,

thanks for trying. Yeah, it’s not a mess like the last time, but still insufficient.

Maybe you would like to give it another look:
– menu style: change from the dark grey to this annoying green
– slider: one huge mess. headline is above the slider, tags are displayed, complete style changed, button moved to new places
– article: are just shown until the preview
– background: was transparent before (for alle sites and views), isn’t now

Some “before-after” pictures:
– slider/menu style:
– article:
– background:

I think to have fixed articles: I changed the name of “content.php” to “content-old.php” and renamed “content-single.php” to “content.php”. But I am not so sure what kind of consequences that will have – maybe you confirm that this was the right move?

The slider and the background is killing me… Tried and tried and… Any idea?

Nevertheless, rest of it seems to be lovely after all. 🙂