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Reply To: some basic questions and needs

Jason Bobich

I exclude the cat “bus”, “homebase” and “Politik” from the Blog Page via the backend theme options panel. But some Posts got 2 Cat like “Blog” and “Politik”. I want these posts are showing on the Blog Page too. How can I realize this?

I apologize, but this option will not allow you to do this. You’ll need to re-structure your category structure for this to work properly.

Another Issue(?) is when I type in the browser, the Slides are not loading. Only the loading circle is running and running… But when I press F5 for reload, the Slider load perfectly.

All working fine over here when I go to your website. I would say that the first time you did it your website just had to load for the first time. Then, your website was cached in your web browser, and so clicking refresh, it came up faster.

Note: The slider only fades in after the entire website has been loaded.