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Reply To: Slider height issue

Jason Bobich


Whether slider has a fixed height in certain scenarios just depends on the design of whatever theme. The slider in this theme doesn’t have a fixed height, but you could give it one with CSS customizations if you wanted. However, assuming your images for the slider are large enough (940×350 for full size and 530×312 for staged images), the slider will crop them automatically to the correct size, and so the size will be consistant throughout.

For CSS changes, it’s a good idea to use a tool like firebug or Google Chrome’s built-in developer tools to locate them and then put the edits either in your child theme or in the “Custom CSS” option on your theme options page.

.flexslider .slides > li { height: ...; }

Also, here’s a helpful tutorial on how to use Firebug – The only thing I’d suggest not doing is actually making edits to the theme’s CSS files, as it shows at the end of that video. However, the video serves as a good introduction to Firebug and how it can be used to find what CSS is effecting certain areas of your site without ever digging around in any files.