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Reply To: Single Post Meta Information & Post List/Grid Pagination

Jason Bobich

I was a little hasty on the issue about the single post meta, it actually had nothing to do with content.php, and those changes I linked to above will actually mess some stuff up and not allow the framework to accomodate all scenarios.

That file should be left as-is and the error is actually in /framework/frontend/functions/general.php around line 783 with this:

themeblvd_set_atts( apply_filters( 'themeblvd_single_atts', array( 'show_meta', $show_meta ) ) );

Which should be this:

themeblvd_set_atts( apply_filters( 'themeblvd_single_atts', array( 'show_meta' => $show_meta ) ) );

Just a small typo of a comma , instead of => in the array, but that’s what’s screwing everything up with the meta on single posts.