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Reply To: Shortcodes do not insert at cursor location when using TB toolbar button

Jason Bobich

1) When editing a page or post, and using the TB button to insert a “Button” shortcode, the shortcode always inserts at the beginning, regardless where the cursor is. Not a big deal, I just have to cut and paste to where I want it each time.

Possibly a web browser issue/conflict with the TinyMCE editor? This doesn’t happen to me. I just tried Firefox and Chrome, and both of them insert the shortcode where ever I have the cursor.

2) When inserting a button from the TB button dialog options, it would be nice if you defaulted the button “caption/value” to what was specified as the “Title”. It would save having to edit the shortcode after it’s inserted, in most cases.

The “button” shortcode actually should already default to the title being the text of the button, however since you’re using the Shortcode generator, it’s just putting in all options automatically. But for example, if you just did this, it would use the button text for the title, I believe.

[button link="" color="blue"]Button Text[/button]

But when the shortcode generator inserts all of the options for you you’re essentially forcing the title to be nothing:

[button link="" color="blue" title=""]Button Text[/button]

3) Also, just wondering why the “icon” option for buttons seems to be removed from Alyeska. The ThemeBlvd doc on shortcodes, talks about the “icon” option, but it seems it’s been removed from this theme.

It sounds like you’ve been browsing — This site is a demonstration of the Theme Blvd Shortcodes plugin. This currently only works with v2.2 of the framework. Alyeska has v2.1 and will eventually be updated to work with this plugin, but not quite yet.

You have the tb-button class set to margin-right: 0.83em (in themeblvd.css) and the left-margin: 0. This always causes an unwanted space after the button when I insert button shortcodes within some text. I can override it, but just pointing it out in case it can be set to 0 in a future update.

The buttons are completely re-done with the integration of Bootstrap in the next update.

BTW, is there any update planned for Alyeska in the near future?

Currently the Jump Start project holds the latest version of the framework, v2.2.1. I’m currently going through all themes on ThemeForest and updating them to this version, which is a big task. They all currently have framework v2.1.x.

In v2.2 of the framework, many things have been moved from being directly in the theme to external plugins like the Layout Builder, Slider Manager, Widget Area Manager, Widgets, and as you discovered previously, the shortcodes.