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Reply To: replacing prettyphoto, other scripts…


However if you are developing a new website TODAY and still want dropdown navigation? To me that’s just being silly!

Another random comment but that simplified and totally wrong view is what I am projecting in to BS devs.! Hopefully just paranoid 😉

Btw, check his numbers which he use as argument WHY drop down is backwards. Up to 30% of his visitors come from non-desktop browsers. Ok, they need to have a good experience but that leave how many percentages left? I think the world move much slower than the impression hipster, or just graduated in “Mobile/Table” class, give. Poor desktop experience or conveniently bend site to “mobile first” craziness should be as unacceptable as having to make secondary site just for mobile browsers. Or remove content because it cannot be presented <1000px. Seeking solutions is better than excluding with one liners. Of course 100% depending on each site but limiting navigation option is not good.