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Reply To: replacing prettyphoto, other scripts…


Well I agree with the slightly insulted comment about Bootstrap now heading towards being “mobile framework”. With such insane popularity it is bold to say they have seen no use for sub-menus. WordPress would just deprecate, these people “nuke”, lol.

I was actually thinking you used dropdowns part in normal navbar but I guess not or you would have freaked out 🙂 I see some JS going on now I check but must be old SuperFish doing its thing. Because we are not starting from a blank sheet in WordPress this sub-hate is of less importance.

Yep, updates I was also thinking about. There is also a 2.3 path! If you think about old themes it would probably be best to wait for 3.0. And then 3.5… They say nothing clear about release but seem to sprint ahead. Not that bad for JS as it is selective, you dont promise 100% support for whatever BS, not bad for uses at least, but those who use vanilla Bootstrap and go all out including various add-ons to BS might have to redo some things. They will be the ones complaining.

Best to keep eye on them 🙂