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Reply To: replacing prettyphoto, other scripts…


SuperFish might not be that much of an issue for long. Check changelog for Bootstrap 3.0

We haven’t seen anyone using submenus in meaningful ways and the code necessary to make them work well is just too much overhead. Submenus just don’t have much of a place on the web right now, especially the mobile web. They will be removed with 3.0.

That is a fool talking but unfortunately also one of the 2 main devs. 🙂 I thought they left Twitter and wanted more “community” involvement. From that page I think they still run the show! Democracy will be chaos but they ALSO remove .btn-inverse – that is just evil…

They dont seem to encourage a debate so may be JS need to find alternative? I hope only few share their trendy drop down hate. I think there will be protests AFTER 3.0 is out but then it will be too late.

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