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Reply To: Remove "read more"-button, change logo/url and ad in header

Jason Bobich


I would like to remove “read more”-button from post list on front page. I understand this is how:
.post_list .read-more { display: none; }
but I can`t figure what template to do this, or what (line) to look for.

If you’re not using a Child theme, this would go in the “Custom CSS” option on your Theme Options page.

Is it possible to change the header/logo url to a different page than the default home page? And finally; Instead of social media icons/links in the header, I would like to have an affiliate ad. How do I do that?

No, apologies these things are not possible with the features of the theme. These are customizations you’d need to make to the theme, and you would need to be using a Child theme.