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Reply To: Read More buttons

Jason Bobich


This doesn’t have anything to do with something not saving to the database. You just need to re-evaluate your conditional statements.

I used the Builder to create the Resources and Photo Galleries page templates. I verified that they are calling the recently edited category.

So, if you’re using the builder to create a page, then WordPress’s is_category() would never return true. This conditional will only return true for category archive pages. But just because you include some category in an element of a custom layout, doesn’t mean that this is now a category archive page; I think that’s where the confusion is here with what you’re doing.

You could check for that specific page the layout is attached to.

if( is_page( '2026' ) )

You could check for custom layouts in general:

if( is_page_template( 'template_builder.php' ) )

You could check for a custom layout specifically:

if( themeblvd_config('builder') == 'photo-galleries' )