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Reply To: Post format kill meta info?


Update which might make you puke but too bad 🙂

I put this in content-link.php, content-gallery.php etc. etc. – and content.php

if (is_single()) {
	if( themeblvd_get_att( 'show_meta' ) ) :
else {

Then single view meta settings per “post options” are working and a loop like static blog page show meta info per each content-xxx.php file.

Btw and off-topic again, you know about Crayon Syntax Highlighter ? Is amazing and lately got some nice speed tweaks. Point is it supports BBpress 🙂 I have not tested on BBpress but it sure kick butt on normal WordPress. Is on the heavy side, complex, but can be tuned. Very good developer too. I struggle with formatting and pre wrapping is not helping, heh. In case you take requests this is one.