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Reply To: Post content showing twice


Thanks for your patience.
What confuses me is that this Content element shouldn’t have been there. I’ve made a custom layout using the Builder – and this layout only contains a “Post list”. Nothing more. So, without a “Content” element in the layout, I believed no “content” should appear, just the post list.
In other words: You are quite right regarding what I wish to accomplish, at page with just a post list.
Have I misunderstood something completely?

I now have found a way around: By showing the posts (all in one category) as a category list, the posts’ page show up as I’d like them to – here. No extra content above the posts.
The only way?

Some other details:
– The “content” that appears, by the way, is just the content of the “Foto shoot” post (which also shows up in the post list).
– I’ve tried switching the posts’ page (in this case defined to the “Siste nytt” page”) to the “Default layout”, but the same happened.
– The “Siste nytt” page itself is empty (is only used as a place to display the posts).

Thanks again,

PS Please check your gmail