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Reply To: Menu on a 7" tablet

Jason Bobich

One of my main menu items “Cabins” has a link to a page if you just click on Cabins as well as drop down menu. When I view the site on my Nexus 7 it will not allow me to select any of the drop down items, it goes straight to the Cabins page, need it to be able to select the different cabin options as well. The ones without this base page work fine.

I honestly do not have any answer for you. I’ve never used a Nexus tablet and I don’t have one to test on, but either way, I’m not sure what could be changed about the way dropdown menus work. The way we’re handling dropdown menus with a jQuery hover is about as standard as it gets, unfortunately.

Also want to remove the author name in all my posts, any way to do that?

The last option in the String Swap plugin has a way to modify how the meta data on posts is displayed. Give that a go.