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Reply To: Jumpstart Presale related with Akita

Jason Bobich


From your questions, I think Jump Start might be the opposite of what you’re thinking. The point of Jump Start is that it gives you the framework as a blank slate. There are no style options. It only has all of the default framework features which all of my other themes are then built on top of.

Does jump start offer more support on customization unlike akita that is limited on the features related to it as shown on demo?

This depends on what you mean by “more support on customization” — If you mean, “Does Jump Start have a bunch of options to change colors and styles?” Then the answer is no. But if you want a clean slate with no other pre-set options or complicated styles to override, then yes you have much more freedom with customizations. If you know CSS, then you’ll have a much easier time editing Jump Start then one of my other themes.

In Akita, on trouble I had is making a page from the builder that replicate the size of a norpal page with sidebar. I use 2/3 – 1/3 but the size is not the same as the default sidebar layout. can that be adjusted so I can have a page created from the builder that looks like normal sidebar page so that I can use different sets of widget on different pages and it will look as if it is a normal page with sidebar?

As far as all of the framework features work (like the layout builder and sidebar layouts), Jump Start and Akita are the same. It sounds like you’re just misunderstanding how some things work with the framework in general.

Layouts in the Builder accept a “sidebar layout” the same as any other page or post on your site. Are you trying to say that you’re using the Columns element within a custom layout that has the “full width” sidebar layout attached? Using the “Columns” element in the Builder is not the same as selecting a sidebar layout.

Within your custom layout just select the “Sidebar Right” sidebar layout, and then from Appearance > Widget Areas you can apply whatever custom widget area you want to the sidebar of the page you applied the layout to. — Checkout the video in your documentation on how custom widget areas work.

But I do understand the confusion with a lot of these things as you have to edit so many things in different places. This is something I’m currently working on for updates, to make the editing experience between custom layouts, custom sidebars, etc, all accessible from the Edit Page screen.

Can I sell the child theme I created using jumpstart framework?

Sure. Everything within your Child theme is your own work, so I don’t see why not.

Is this support forum a plugin or a theme? is this for sale?

Nope. Just for me! … But this entire support website is a Child theme of Jump Start. 😉