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Reply To: Icon in Navigation Menu

Jason Bobich

I see feature icon integration with navigation menu on your jump start. Can I use this feature on alyeska theme ?

Not yet, but in the next update to Alyeska, yes.

I see your stretched child theme on jumpstart different with stretch (body shape) on alyeska. Can I change alyeska theme stretched like your jumpstart ?

These are two different designs and so, there’s no way to just plug one into the other. Any changes to the design of Alyeska’s stretch design would be customizations you’d need to make to the theme.

When you will update your alyeska theme with the new framework ?

I’m sorry but I cannot say. I am working on updating all of my themes from framework v2.1 to v2.2, which Jump Start contains. That is my only current project and my #1 priority.