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Reply To: How do you incorporate more than 1 blog into a website

Jason Bobich

Hello Steve,

There are various ways you could accomplish that with the theme. One way you could accomplish this that you could probably do from any WordPress theme and might be the simplest solution would be just to link to the categories themselves.

Are you familiar with putting your posts into different categories in WordPress and then nesting those categories within other categories? So you could have:

  • Category: Blog 1
    • Category: Category 1A
    • Category: Category 1B
    • Category: Category 1C
  • Category: Blog 2
    • Category: Category 2A
    • Category: Category 2B
    • Category: Category 2C

Then when you build you main navigation under Appearance > Menus, you’d just link directly to Categories Blog 1 and Blog 2 and WordPress will show them and their nested categories on their own page.