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Reply To: Help Uploading Akita to Other Domain

Jason Bobich


Can you give me more info about what is happening when you try to upload the theme? Does WordPress give you some sort of error message?

If you can’t upload the theme ZIP through your WordPress admin panel, generally it means either (1) the theme is larger than your allowed PHP upload limit on your hosting account or (2) your WordPress installation was not setup correctly and WordPress can’t write to your /wp-content/themes/ directory (i.e. a permissions issue).

Honestly, no one has ever reported the first issue specifically with Akita, and the second thing shouldn’t be an issue if you have a service installing WordPress for you. But in theory those are the only things I can think of. If you can’t get the theme ZIP to upload through your WordPress admin panel, you can always just upload it with your FTP program like in the second installation video of your docs:

I’m not completely sure about how your hosting specifically works, but this is a theme that would install like any other. Generally speaking, your themes are located at /wp-content/themes/ of your WordPress install. This is where you put the main Akita theme and your Child theme if you plan to make any code customizations. If you continue to have problems or cannot gain access to this portion of your WordPress install, you may want to contact your hosting service.