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Reply To: Google Analytics problem

Jason Bobich

You’ve got the Google Analytics code in your site. You can view the source of your site and see it in there. It’s not as if the theme really does much in this regard. You put in the code, and it sticks in your website. So, I’d double check what you have going on with your account and the code you’re putting in.

You can check to make sure UA-34634503-1 is the correct site ID that should be in there. You could also try setting up the account again and making sure you have the right tracking code.

Also, where can I put the Google Site Verification code for Google Webmaster Tools?

This isn’t any kind of feature of the theme. This is something you’ll need to incorporate.

But I’m pretty sure by simply putting in the correct Google Analytics code, this is one way of your verifying your site for Webmaster Tools.