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Reply To: Getting Rid of Meta Data

Jason Bobich

Below is my response copied from magicss’s mentioned topic —



This is a mistake within the Akita theme. The option that should effect this is Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Archives > Show meta. But as you pointed out it’s not working as it should. I’ll get this fixed in the next update.

For now, if you’re using a Child theme, this is a pretty easy fix. Just copy content-archive.php of the main Parent theme to your Child theme and just delete this part:

<?php themeblvd_blog_meta(); ?>


In this theme, simply referring to a “Post List” doesn’t quite narrow it down. This theme uses different files for each WordPress post format (i.e. standard, image, gallery, quote, etc), no matter if it’s a post list, an archive, or a single post. So the content-{format}.php you need to copy and edit in your Child theme depends on the post format you’re editing. In other words, each post format has its own design and file.

The default post format is controlled with content.php. So, for example, you’d copy it to your Child theme and then remove the bits that correspond to the meta info.