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Reply To: Framework 2.2+

Jason Bobich


I understand the confusion and I apologize for that, but I’m currently in the middle of a lot of big changes and updates.

Right now, Jump Start is the only commercial theme available that contains the latest version of the framework, which is v2.2.0. — This will soon be v2.2.1.

Currently I am working on updating all themes on ThemeForest to have the latest version of the framework, but it is a lot of work. A lot of these Theme Blvd plugins and documentation you see sort of floating around that talk about framework v2.2 are there, ready to go, for when these big theme updates take place. All this stuff around the net is part of this next big phase.

The next update to this theme will be a big one. It will be Arcadian v1.2.0 and it will contain framework v2.2.1.

So, currently you cannot use this Theme Blvd Shortcodes plugin. In the next version of Arcadian, the theme will contain NO shortcodes by default, and you will need to install that plugin to get any shortcodes at all. Basically the plugin is all the shortcodes you already have in Arcadian but with some improvements and additions made.