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Reply To: entry-title


That took a while:

I ended up using

.entry-header .entry-title

So – this would mean that the css only applies when the object has *both* classes – was that correct?

Initially I was using .entry-title h1 which worked on the font but not the background – and then it got messed up with the link/no link titles (which are gone), then I tried using #header and .header with .entry-title and .entry-header and finally put the two together.

CSS is a tricky beast – when you understand it it seems so easy -but there are so many options it’s easy to get lost.

My CSS file is getting bigger and bigger as I add customizations. I comment a lot to try to keep it all sorted out.

Thanks for all the tips – I am doing as much as I can on my own but still get stumped once in a while.