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Reply To: Custom Widget Area


You can tell its been a long day when you look back at a post ask yourself what you were thinking…

Thanks for in the insight though, I was trying to over-ride the themeblvd sidebar hook and just have it pull in the same custom sidebar on all my templates so that even someone messed with the settings it wouldn’t matter.

However it turns out one of my plugin’s was causing the problem.

side note: I use post-content IDs when I build anything in tabs or toggles so the content is easier to manage. Rather than have someone look at a page of code and try and pick out the [start] and [/end] shortcodes they would just have to goto the post ID and edit it there. So this is where the problem started… because in wordpress every post is published to your RSS feed (which is seems silly imo, but enough of that I’m off my soap box) I use a plugin called “Simply Exclude” which on paper sounds great. However it causes a mess with the blog roll and just about everything else!

Long story… I fixed it.