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Reply To: Custom Widget Area

Jason Bobich


That’s not quite how the themeblvd_sidebars function is supposed to be used. It’s simply a hook to be used with sidebar-left.php and sidebar-right.php. The parameter it accepts is whether it’s on the left or right, not a specific widget area to display.

Can you be a little more specific about what you’re trying to do and I can point you in the right direction?

If you’re trying to assign custom widget areas to custom layouts or items in your WP admin, you can do that. And if you’re trying to display custom widget areas or locations programmatically, the framework has various functionality you can tap into there, as well.

If you’re simply wanting to display the widgets of a widget area you created, you’d just use the WordPress default dynamic_sidebar function. The theme framework registers your widget areas with WordPress through whatever you designate when setting it up.

dynamic_sidebar( 'connect' );