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Reply To: Custom Post Types

Jason Bobich


No, apologies, but there is currently no support for this. In the future this will be possible though with a way to put in custom conditionals.

Currently the only way to accomplish this would be by actually filtering in your custom sidebar’s ID from functions.php of your Child theme.

function my_custom_sidebars( $config ){
	// Post Type Example
	if( 'your-post-type' == get_post_type() )
		$config['sidebars']['sidebar_right']['id'] = 'your-custom-sidebar';
	// Taxonomy archive example
	if( is_tax( 'your-taxonomy' )  )
		$config['sidebars']['sidebar_right']['id'] = 'your-custom-sidebar';
	return $config;
add_filter( 'themeblvd_frontend_config', 'my_custom_sidebars' );