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Reply To: CSS tips for the Slider


Update: CSS below improved. This also changes loader.gif position to center vertically. Also, the slide name suffix on the .slides-wrapper class is removed since all standard-sliders use the same dimensions on the site. Jason, feel free to correct or improve upon – or maybe incorporate as options in the next update 🙂 I hope others find these useful. Again, the 274px height needs to be changed depending on the height you set for your slider images. I use Jason’s “TB Image Sizes” plugin to change my slide dimensions from the default height to 280 for large images, and 244 for staged images.

Updated CSS:

.standard-slider-wrapper .full-image .content {background-color: transparent !important}
.standard-slider-wrapper .full-image .slide-title span {background-color: #222; padding:0 5px 0 5px}
.standard-slider-wrapper .full-image .slide-description {background-color: #222; padding:0 5px 0 5px; display: inline-block}
.standard-slider-wrapper .slides-wrapper {min-height:274px}
.standard-slider-wrapper .tb-loader {top: 40%}