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Reply To: Css code for buttons


I tried adding your suggestion into the custom css bit on the theme options page, it made no difference.

So just to clarify, I was asking if the Akita css had a pre-existing rule in it that was making the form buttons look like that (faded, different font, the mouse doesn’t become a hand when you hover). Because I’m not looking to make the buttons look “nicer”. I want them to just look how they would look without any css styling.

When I inspect using Firefox, it says the button’s css is called “input”. Unfortunately there are numerous “input” styles to choose from in Akita. I was originally asking if you have a suggestion as to which it would be?

If there is no pre-existing rule about how form buttons should look within the theme, can you suggest why they don’t look or behave like normal form buttons? Would it be something that wordpress is doing? Is it because the form is contained within a table?