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Reply To: Changes in WP-editor not showing on site



I don’t know if my post was unclear, or something, but hey ho. Yes, my point was about about trying to get the code to save to the CSS file, and thinking I must have got something wrong.

I understand your reasong for showing the WP-editor plugin in the video, and I’ll uninstall it because it’s clear I don’t need it. However, in the video, it was possible to access custom.css in the Assets folder from that plugin, but on my site, this file wasn’t accessible via that plugin for whatever reason. So I ended up editing styles.css instead, not entirely convinced this was the right thing to do and that I must be missing something.

Anyway, I’ve just read Tina Chapman’s CSS post and your reply, and that convinced me to access my files via CPanel and find the custom.css file in the Child theme. I’ve added some code, and some changes are now showing up.

Thanks for your time.