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Reply To: Change Nav Bar Color?

Jason Bobich

I have been trying to change the color of my navigation bar for this site to one of theme’s colors (red) and it is not being responsive. In fact any color I try to change to as my primary color will not change the colors. Please advise:

It appears you’ve been altering theme files. You have no HTML tag in your website. This is the specific reason why the theme options aren’t getting applied. The theme filters CSS classes on through WordPress internal filters onto the tag. — So, I’d double check any edits you’ve made to header.php.

Always be careful when making customizations and make sure all edits come from a Child theme. Try to avoid editing main theme files like header.php, footer.php, etc, and instead try to always utilize action hooks from your Child theme’s functions.php. This will help you avoid issues like this in the future.