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Reply To: Blog Posts Not Linking


Hey again Jason – Sorry had two last questions I forgot to ask last time – hope this is ok using same blog post?

I cannot get the 3 x “270×100” boxes to go up to the top of the bar on the home page, there seems to be a big gap? The site link is to see what i mean? and html code for the page is:


The Event Package is ideal for those who are holding a single day event and want full coverage, a showreel of the day and DVDs for future projects.

The Corporate Package is specifically tailored to create a video which highlights the key aspects of your business and how it runs.
[one-third last]

The Performer package is a great asset for any budding actor, singer, dancer or any performer who wants a showreel highlighting their talents.

Also one last quick question, is it possible to change the colour of the box surrounding the youtube videos that pop out from portfolio pieces? I’ve used the ‘dark’ theme so would like to make it a dark grey if possible?

Many thanks