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Reply To: Alyeska – PrettyPhoto and Galleries

Jason Bobich

I understand what you’re getting at, but it most likely will not happen.

Currently the way things are setup, the theme uses javascript to lightly tag on the functionality of the lightbox to what WordPress already has for a gallery. So, in other words the theme does not alter the HTML markup or output for WordPress galleries in any way.

Now, the way prettyPhoto works is that it takes the title tag of whatever anchor tag is linking to the lightbox popup, and uses that as the description of what shows up in the lightbox.

<a href="image.jpg" title="Title of Image">
       <img src="thumbnail.jpg" />

Then the theme goes through and appends with javascript the lightbox selector in order to trigger prettyPhoto. This allows for a simple, added feature of the theme. So, because this HTML structure is already setup by WordPress, to accomplish what you’re suggesting means that you’d have to add a whole new PHP process to re-structure WordPress’s [gallery] shortcode. The payoff here would simply be that one could use the “description” instead of the “title” in the lightbox popup. That just doesn’t seem worth it from my perspective.