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Reply To: About US options?


Thanks Jason! I think just setting up a page as a portfolio is going to work nicely–I will name the post the person’s name and then their title will be the excerpt. This will work EXCEPT for two things I’m hoping I can get around:

1) Most importantly, I really really need to remove the “Read More” button from the portfolio grid. I am just going to have the pictures link to lightboxed larger images OR if the person actually has some info that needs to be displayed I’ll have it lead to the post page. So how can I get rid of the “Read More” button under all the images? (I notice swagger is like this but Aleyska is not).
2) How can I tighten up the Excerpt text to the post title on the portfolio grid page? Right now the person’s name is in a good spot but the excerpt text starts too low beneath it (I’d like to bring it up to look like single spacing basically). I assume I can maybe throw something into the custom CSS?