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Reply To: 70/30 Column Width Using Shortcode

Jason Bobich

Hello Angela,

In terms of adding these to the framework, I kind of think this might be getting a little overboard on the column shortcodes, but there are CSS classes that you could utilize if you wanted to create these shortcodes in your Child theme.

Here’s how you’d do it:

 * My custom column shortcodes

function my_shortcode_columns( $atts, $content = '', $tag = '' ) {
	// Determine if column is last in row
	$last = '';
	if ( isset( $atts[0] ) && trim( $atts[0] ) == 'last')
		$last = ' last';

	// Figure out grid class to use
	$class = 'column ';
	switch( $tag ) {
		case 'seven_tenth' :
			$class .= 'grid_tenth_7';
		case 'three_tenth' :
			$class .= 'grid_tenth_3';

	// Return column
	$content = '<div class="'.$class.$last.'">'.$content.'</div>';
	return do_shortcode( $content );

add_shortcode( 'seven_tenth', 'my_shortcode_columns' );
add_shortcode( 'three_tenth', 'my_shortcode_columns' );

Let me know if that doesn’t work; I didn’t test it.

[seven_tenth]Column 1...[/seven_tenth]
[three_tenth last]Column 2...[/three_tenth]