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  • in reply to: How to Add Paypal Link to Buttons #24060

    I updated the theme, which corrected the issue on the homepage. However, I’m still having the issue of code showing on the “SHOP” page when I follow the same technique. I’m not sure what is different about the shop page that is causing the issue.

    in reply to: How to Add Paypal Link to Buttons #24017

    I tried the steps above, but I end up with the same result…no button to click on but a list where I was hoping a button would appear.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    in reply to: Testimonials Circle Size #23837

    Please disregard, I deleted them completely!

    in reply to: Home Page Video Like Demo #23836


    I’m still trying to get the little image to take up the whole area of the black background and for the video to play when the “play” image is clicked. I guess I’m not sure what I should be “checking” under the section display area to get the small image to take up the entire area.

    I’ve watched the video several times and went into all of the section and element display options in the section that is supposed to contain the video and full background image. However, I’ve not found a solution to my issue. I don’t know if it is because I am using a pre-existing template or what. Would it be possible to tell me which specific element or section I need to work in and what box to check to get the little square image within the black section area to enlarge and take up the entire black area.

    The video does not assist with this specific issue and is more of a generic overview of how to put together a template, but its not helping me to use the demo content layout and get my page to look like the demo did.

    The area that I’m having trouble with is the “Take an inside look” section on this link

    I appreciate any direction you can provide.

    in reply to: How to Add Paypal Link to Buttons #23835

    This particular problem is on the homepage, which is based on the template. I attempted to add a “content” element and paste the code into that element. However, it is not appearing as any type of anything to click on and lead to paypal, but a list of items. Also, I don’t know how to get it to appear on top of the image where the current “paypal button” is. (see “Featured product” section of the homepage at

    I’ve attached a screenshot of the template settings for this slider in the event that it helps identify what I’m doing wrong.

    in reply to: Testimonials Circle Size #23834

    Is it possible to provide the CSS code for me to past into the child theme CSS and I can replace the height/width with my own numbers?

    in reply to: Home Page Video Like Demo #23773

    Thank you. Could you please let me know how to lighten the black tint that appears over the slider images throughout my site? It is a bit dark.

    in reply to: You Tube Portfolio Videos Don't Play #23772

    I’m having the same problem with the background videos on the hero units at this link…

    in reply to: Portfolio Images don't appear on site #23770

    Thank you…how can I lighten that dark tint over the main image on the page?

    in reply to: Homepage Slider Images and Contact Page Form #23760

    Okay, thanks. I used a different form plugin and it worked.

    in reply to: How to delete an element from a custom layout #23759

    Ah, thank you!

    in reply to: Home Page Video Like Demo #23756

    Sorry, to clarify the issue…I cannot figure out how to get the image on there to replace the plain black behind the text and play button. I want to upload a photo to go behind like the demo page. Thanks again.

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