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Which template does the home page use?

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    Hi there,

    Would someone please tell me which theme template the home page uses? I see files such as “template_list.php” “template_builder.php” “page.php” etc but none of them have any indication of what the home page uses.

    I did a bunch of modifications to the css file for the header that I’m using for the home page but I do not want to use the same header throughout the site. I would like the inner pages and blog posts to use an alternate shorter header (more like the original Alyeska) with different images than what I have on the home page. This means (at least I think it means) that I have to call an alternative header for all inner pages, change the css rules in the header (see below) and add additional rules to my css file, example:

    #main (original) and #main-pages for the inner pages.

    And I’m using this to call the secondary header:

    Maybe there’s a *much* easier way to do this? I’ve done this kind of thing numerous times before but never with a theme that had so many files called in.

    Thanks much!

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    Jason Bobich

    Hey Deb,

    What file used for the homepage depends on how specifically you have setup your homepage (as this will vary from user to user) and also it’s not totally clear what you’re referring to when you say the “header” because it seems you like you’re describing things within the content area of the page —

    However, in either case, you shouldn’t really need to be editing any of these files template files you’re referencing. The best way to target any area to the use the action hook system provided from your Child theme:

    And within any of your functions, you can use WordPress conditionals to determine if you’re on the homepage or not:


    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your reply. I will dig into the links you provided, however the edits I made to the css file affect every page/post on the site. In other words the area *above* where all the content goes in including anything you can put in the Layout Builder is what’s been changed.

    What you’re referring to if I’m understanding correctly, would be everything on the page* below* the navigation. I’m talking about *above* the navigation is where the css edits I’m talking about affect. Currently there is a photo that’s got a height of 400px above the navigation and I’m using the full width option. If I were using the boxed version this may have worked a bit differently but not sure. Here is where the css edits I made affect the home page:


    In short, what I need are two different tops, the original Alyeska top would work for everything but the home page and then I could use the conditionals, although never having used conditionals myself I can’t be 100% sure. I have someone that does conditionals but since this website is a freebie on my part, I can’t ask her to do this because I’m not paying someone when I’m not getting paid.

    Anyway, at this point I don’t think what I need to do is do-able with this theme without the use of alternate headers pulled in. This would be my fault for choosing the wrong theme so please don’t take offense.


    Jason Bobich

    As with any theme, the header.php file controls the header of the website you’re describing. You can copy this to your Child theme to edit. Or, you can use the theme’s actions to hook content their, as well, from your Child theme’s functions.php. No matter what approach you take, you’ll simply be using WordPress conditionals to determine which content shows in the area you’re editing.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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