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v1 Theme (Alyeska) "tutorials" (or upgrade compatibilities?)

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    Hi Jason,

    I thought I could get away with staying with Alyeska v1, which was used by the customer’s original site builder (in July 2011). I took over the site in the Spring of 2012. [NOTE: I have minimal WP experience, but can troubleshoot (reverse-engineer?) and code in HTML, CSS, PHP and love to code/learn new stuff.] … Changes that the customer has requested (add new pages, for the most part) I’ve been able to slog my way through. But, now he’s asking for more than adding a page or changing content on pages.

    Problem now encountered by me: figuring out how to use Alyeska v1 but only having v2 tutorials posted on ThemeBlvd. (The tutorials are nice! But, for instance, the Layout Builder does not exist in v1 – that I can detect.) …

    Question 1: Would it be best to upgrade to v2? Porting the old website into it? (I think you’ve addressed this with me before, saying it would not be a perfect integration of code/content from v1 into v2.)

    Question 2: Wouldn’t an upgrade provide me the best scenario to help me learn from the tutorial videos?

    Question 3: Although I’m willing to dive right into the code of your theme (Alyeska), is it almost imperative that I get a good base understanding of WP to facilitate working within Alyeska v2? (or can one delve into Alyeska v2 and video tutorials to understand both: WP and Alyeska?)

    Basically, I’m frustrated about not having the latest version of Alyeska and believe that not having v2 is a big disadvantage to my learning about using/modifying Alyeska – that it’s not about my not knowing WP very well.

    Here’s that website I’m working with:

    Thank you for your candid input. (you may send me private email if you think it would best suit your answer) 🙂


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    Jason Bobich

    I would say to definitely update to the latest version. The old version simply is just not supported, moving forward. The new theme is completely different. I used the word “new” lightly as the theme was updated to v2 over a year ago, as you know. 😉

    However, this isn’t something you’re going to want to do on your client’s live site. I’d transfer your client’s current site and content to a local environment, install the new theme, and just re-build everything there in an environment where you can learn and make mistakes without consequence. When it’s ready to go, then transfer it up to the live server, replacing the current site.

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