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upgrade to v2

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    I have the original ‘complexity’ theme uploaded to my site. I want to upgrade it to the latest ‘complexity-2’ version.

    Typically I just ftp the new theme folder and replace the old one but since the latest version has a different folder name I can’t do that. Can I just change the folder name to ‘complexity’ from ‘complexity-2’ or will that mess things up?

    If I can’t do it that way, what is the correct way to replace the original Complexity with Complexity 2?

    Many thanks.

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    Jason Bobich


    This was actually about three years ago now back in 2010, but if I remember right, the reason I re-named the directory “complexity-2” is so people would understood it was a completely new theme from the backend. In other words, when you install and activate it, in terms of the theme-specific features, nothing is going to transfer over because the theme itself works completely different. So I wanted people to be able to upload it and install it as a separate theme, so they could flip back and forth, if they like, while making the transition.

    But the actual name of the directory realistically is irrelevant. You can name it whatever you like. If you want to name it “complexity” and simply over write the previous one, you can totally do that.

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