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Updating theme and restoring theme options

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    Robert Piller

    Hey Jason,

    This may seem like a noob question, but what’s the best process for updating the theme? I just tried uploading the new zip in WordPress, and it complained that this theme/directory already exists. I tried moving the jumpstart theme folder up to /wp-content, then hiding the /framework/themeblvd.php reference in my child functions.php, and I was able to successfully upload v2.0.2 (then I deleted the old jumpstart directory). But then I discovered all of my theme settings were gone! So:

    1. How can I use the built-in WordPress theme upload function to update Jumpstart?

    2. How can I restore my theme settings? If nothing else, I saw in another thread that these are in the wp_options table. I have a copy of this database, so what’s the option_name to look for? I don’t find any option named “jumpstart”.


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    Robert Piller

    Ah yes, I found the Theme Blvd Importer plugin, which adds handy Import Options and Export Options buttons to the Theme Options page. So question 2 is answered!

    Jason Bobich


    Here’s how to make theme updates through your WP dashboard:

    And updating the theme should not effect your theme options. They’re saved based on the name of the current theme. So the only reason why they would appear to have been lost is if you change the name of the active theme.

    For example maybe you changed the name of your child theme, or for some reason activated the parent theme after you had configured theme options with a child theme activated.

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