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Upcoming shortcode changes and the possible magazine theme?

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    Hi Jason,

    My question pertains to the shortcodes in Alyeska. Just spent a few days going through about half the pages on the envato support for Alyeska (tried to find the questions pertaining to the updated theme) and cherry picking the suggestions I could use but I was worried about the shortcode changes you mentioned. I’m working of a child theme now as suggested, learning slowly as php, css and html are not my native languages  I am using shortcodes to input a fair bit of the content and I’m wondering how updating the theme once it’s running the new framework will affect this? Will it be as simple as activating the new plugin and I’ll be back in business, or will it take more work than that and look like I’ve been using wordpress while drinking liberally when the update hits?

    Also, in crawling through all the comments on themeforest, I saw an upcoming magazine theme mentioned a couple times… do you have any idea how far off this is and are you taking any requests regarding what you’ll be implementing? Always look forward to seeing new stuff from you but we’re in the process of starting an actual print magazine and will be using wordpress for the online version, so the thought of being able to use something from you just makes me think the fates are smiling on us…


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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Gina,

    Nope, there really isn’t anything you have to worry about with the shortcodes. Currently Alyeska is running v2.1 of the framework and the next update to Alyeska will have v2.2 — So, we’re just talking about an update.

    Many of the shortcodes have changed and have been improved. However, I’ve been very careful though to make sure that all shortcodes check for older methods being used where relevant so when people update everything doesn’t break.

    And then the other thing to note is that, as you eluded to, you will have to install the Shortcodes plugin. But no worries on that, it will literally be as easy as just activating it and all of your old shortcodes will just work.

    I honestly am not totally sure what’s going to come next. After Jump Star gets released I’ll be getting back into releasing new themes. What I have lined up next are a magazine theme and a most likely a BuddyPress theme. But I haven’t got it all figured out just yet.

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