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Tip: Full screen background slider

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    This is cool… Sometimes it’s a nice “Wow” effect going to a site and seeing a full screen image slider on the home page. Below is an image link showing an example using Alyeska and the “Background Manager” plugin (

    The CSS below can be placed in Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS. It does 2 things: 1) it removes the Alyeska background image which must be done, and 2) it also pushes down the page content (home page only) starting at the menu bar, leaving the header branding at the top. All other pages display in their normal position, with the background displayed around them.

    /*if using background slider then hide tb bg and push down home pg*/
    #wrapper {background-image: none}
    .home #branding #header_content {height:600px}
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    Just a followup if anyone’s interested. I’ve decided to use a different plugin for the background slider. It’s called: “Full Page/ Full Width Background Slider”. It’s a much lighter plugin. Also, the Background Manager slider seems to possibly be querying the database on each slide change. I’m not sure. But if you have the site open in a different browser window, and then change the slides in the admin area in another browser window, the new slide appears, without having to refresh the browser.

    How I set up the “FP/FW Background Slider” is: 1) I set 1 photo only for the entire site. 2) On the Home Page only I set multiple photos. This way, only the home page has a changing image slider. And the other pages only show 1 background image. I think it’s too much if all pages are constantly changing the background. Cheers!

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