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ThemeBlvd Info Box

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    When I set up my site I used at ThemeBlvd Info Box in the footer box (this is on Complexity 2, not the upgraded Commodore theme).

    When it was first set up the button worked and looked great. Now, I’ve just realized that the color of the button is a flat gray (no gradient like the other buttons) and the text is white, not a contrasting dark gray, which makes it very difficult to read.

    Screen shot:

    I’m not sure what happened or when. Any ideas how to correct?

    You can view it at at the bottom, right hand corner of the page.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Jason Bobich


    The button in the footer is the same as the other buttons, except for that its text is set to white as a result of general footer link styling. This can be corrected with the following CSS:

    #footer-widget-area a.button {
    	color: #666666;

    As far anything else in the button appearing to be different, this is a sort of trick of the eyes with the button being over top a dark color.

    Screenshot for reference:

    Also, please note that we no longer support the Complexity theme, and that is has been replaced with a new theme Commodore, which is free for you as a customer of Complexity.

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