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TB Shortcode Plugin Conflict with dsIDXpress

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    I am messing around with Jumpstart 2.0 beta and using it as a base for real estate sites. I signed up for a test account for to integrate mls listings on the site.

    If you look at a single listing page like the share and print links show the attributes of the links.

    I found from their plugin support page and they suggest that it is the way the theme is using wpautop and that”dsIDXpress is programmed to REMOVE this filter to protect the look and feel (the formatting) of all pages generated by dsIDXpress.”

    When I deactivate the TB shortcodes plugin, it displays just fine so there is something between the two plugins that isn’t playing nicely. Do you know what could be causing that?

    I am not a huge fan of those links anyway so I could always hide them so it’s not a huge deal I’m curious to see if you know what would cause that to break with the shortcodes plugin activated.

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    Jason Bobich

    I think you just want to turn of the [raw] shortcode of our shortcodes plugin. With the shortcodes plugin active, trying going to WP Admin > Settings > Writing > TB Shortcodes, and disabling it.

    Mark Wiard

    Just throwing in my 2 cents.

    Turning off the Raw shortcode solved my dsIDXpress issue also.

    Thank you, Jump Start v2 rocks.



    That did work, I forgot to come back and reply to that.

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