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Tabs & Pills Left/Right/Bottom 1.2.1 Bug

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    Hi Jason,

    Just updated my testing environment to 1.2.1 and noticed ‘Tabs/Pills on Right/Left/Bottom’ etc are only displaying ‘Above’.

    Tested using the Layout Builder and Shortcode in content.

    – Michael

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Michael,

    Unfortunately, it is not a bug. As described in your update notes, linked to from your changelog, there are no more tab positions other than on top. This is unfortunate, but the reason is because Bootstrap has done away with this in Bootstrap 3.

    We always hate stripping away features, but unfortunately Bootstrap has dramatically simplified how their tabs works. And so our [tabs] shortcode (provided with Theme Blvd Shortcodes plugin) no longer has many of the navigation options that previously existed.

    You can no longer set tab navigation to display to the right, left or below the tab content.

    … And this obviously apples to tabs in the Layout Builder, too, as this is all controlled from the same functionality.


    Oh! Interesting, I suppose it was a under utilised feature, though very useful in some cases.

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Jason Bobich

    It honestly did create quite a mess internally having so many options, and getting everything to look and be styled right in all circumstances. I’m sure people working on Twitter Bootstrap felt the same from their end, as well.

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