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Tabs not expanding

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    Hi Jason

    I’m quite taken with tabs and have developed a single page to replace 4. As you can see from this page, which I’ve published but not made a menu link for yet:

    tab 2 is not expanding and the content overflows.

    The order in which I built the page was to use the tabs shortcode and put in the contents of what is now tabs 2-3-4 into the default tabs 1-2-3. Then in text mode I added tab1 and renumbered the other tabs. At first I forgot to renumber the closing tab code [/x] but I subsequently fixed that.

    To function properly do tabs require that the contents of tab1 be the longest so as to cause all tabs to get framed? Another way to ask this question is are tabs’ frames dynamic, changing height based on each tab’s contents—or static, based on some parameter…I’d hate to have to work out some container height (which would need constant changing due to page edits over time)…

    Hmmm: I see that in phone layout 2 tabs’ content overflows…

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    Jason Bobich

    Some HTML in the tab has to be throwing off Bootstrap’s fixed height feature on tabs. Try turning that off. On the [tabs] shortcode set “height” to “false” —

    [tabs ... height="false"]
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