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Slider Stuff

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    Slider Stuff (for Alyeska version 3.1.1)

    In the Home page slider (Simple Slider from Sample Data import)… on your demo page, as well as my local version, the slider does not rotate automatically. It just displays the first image. Clicking the PREV/NEXT button changes images, but nothing occurs automatically.

    1. How do I get the Home page slider to rotate automatically?


    In Sliders > Edit Slider: Simple Slider > Standard Options section
    I have tried to “Show next/prev arrows?” select “No” for this. I have also edited other items such as the Transition time. The slider never changes/updates to my edits.

    2. How do I get these edits to occur?


    Since this video about Shortcodes was created,
    Wordpress has changed – and I’m guessing the Alyeska theme’s version has been updated also.

    3. Is there a more updated video tutorial available?

    The info about the Shortcodes and Sliders in the video listed above is very useful.


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    So… I thought that I had figured things out… but I guess not. Although it seemed as if the home page “Simple Slider” was using the Standard Slider, it was actually using the Nivo Slider. After figuring this out, all of my edits work just fine.

    Since the Nivo transition was set to ZERO, this is Nivo’s method for preventing an ‘automatic rotating slideshow.’ Changing the transition time setting to any number higher than zero causes the slideshow to rotate automatically.

    So the only question from above that would be great to hear about would be the Shortcodes video.

    Hope this posting helps others.

    Jason Bobich

    Oh, no the video you’re linking to doesn’t have anything to do with the current theme. Make sure when you’re browsing videos, you’re doing it through the documentation file provided to you with your ThemeForest download package. This will ensure that you’re looking at all the relevant videos to your verison of the theme.

    With our current Sliders plugin, using the shortcode is pretty straight forward because there’s only one argument you can pass in, which is the ID of your slider. All of the options for the slider are controlled from the Slider Manager when you’re editing that slider. So, this simplifies the shortcode usage.

    [slider id="my-slider"]

    It also might be relevant to mention that in the last update of the Shortcodes plugin and v3.1.2 of the theme earlier this week, we added the [gallery_slider] shortcode, as well.

    [gallery_slider ids="1,2,3"]

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