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Slider on Mobile Not Sliding, "Stacks" Images Instead of in Slider "Sliding"

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    Hey Jason!
    Its Nic Bianco, I bought the Alyeska theme for a client of mine here in Jersey, and I got most of the design figured out. I got to the slider portion of this whole process and tested it on my new iPhone 6 plus, and it is doing something a little funny. I haven’t tested it yet on other phones yet to see if it is behaving this way everywhere, but I thought I would let you know what this is doing on my device for your own information.

    Check out the screen here

    In regular, desktop mode it is working perfectly. I have not added any custom CSS, and I am not doing anything special besides what came with the theme.

    I have found on other themes my 6 plus renders things a little weird, I have a different kind of problem on my own website that is unique to the iOS8 on iPhone 6 and 6 plus that I cannot reproduce on any other devices. I messaged the developer in their support forum and their stumped. Im not asking you to help me with that, just letting you know that I have been experiencing things with the new iPhones where they do some weird stuff.

    Any help here will be appreciated. Thanks for the attention and support.

    – Nic

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Nic,

    When you’re editing a slider, you’ll find options for that slider over in the right column of the page. I believe it’s the very last option that controls this, which is the “responsiveness” of the slider and how it displays on mobile devices. The first, default setting is what you’re showing in your sreenshot.

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