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    Matthew MacMillan

    Hi all,

    I’ve got my single posts set to display the featured image at the top. It appears to be using the “Theme Blvd XL” image size. Is there any way to tell it to use “Theme Blvd M” instead?

    I’m not going for a smaller visual size, so much as I’m trying to load a smaller image, for two reasons. First, page load speed. Second and more important, it appears that when you share this post to Facebook, it grabs the featured image displayed on the page, and that’s too large. So I’m trying mostly to address that issue.

    Here’s one of the pages I’m talking to:

    Any help is appreciated!

    PS. I know sometimes I don’t jump back on and give thanks or feedback. Sorry, we have a newborn, and I’m too busy by half. I promise someday I will go back to all my posts and say thank you… You guys rock!

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    Jason Bobich


    This is probably the simplest solution I could suggest. Copy content.php to your child theme, and then were you see:

    <?php themeblvd_the_post_thumbnail(); ?>

    Just pass in the image size you want to the function, overriding the complexity the theme is going through to figure it out for different situations.

    <?php themeblvd_the_post_thumbnail('tb_medium'); ?>
    Matthew MacMillan

    Perfect, Thank you! I was so close… I had “medium” in there.

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