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Sidebars with new layout builder and JumpStart 2.0

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    The only way I can get sidebars to work in the Jumpstart 2.0 and new page builder is to use the default template. Is this the functionality you were going for here? (Sorry, i looked through other comments and such and couldn’t find anything. Also, I can see why you would want it to work with the builder because of the full-width rows, but just wondering if I am missing something here with the sidebars and page layouts.)

    I tried setting the default page layouts to right sidebar, but it still won’t override/integrate with the custom layouts through the builder…

    No worries, sorry to waste time on a topic such as this Jason!! Otherwise, I completely agree with Brett’s comments about everything looking super fabulous and all seems to be working fine besides the small tweaks you are putting out in the next version. Great job on everything, its mucho appreciated!

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    Jason Bobich


    No worries, I’m glad to explain. — The concept of a “sidebar layout” no longer exists with a custom layout. This comes from the evolvement of (1) the fact that you can create unlimited sections for your elements and (2) the “Columns” element itself now allows you to insert other elements within its individual columns.

    So instead of selecting a sidebar layout, add a “Columns” element to your section and then you can place the “Widget Area” element in one column, and your other elements in another column.

    This could look something like this:

    … I guess the only drawback I can think of, to before, would be that you can’t have a “Columns” element within a column. But this was kind of done on purpose so people are a little more restricted in how they “mash” some elements together. But if you need the basic structure of a columns within a column, you can always use [column] shortcodes within a Content element or something.

    Mary Makowsky

    Hi Jason,

    Thumbs up on allowing for custom layout in the content area of a sidebar template. Either that or allowing columns elements within columns (down 1 level only). It’s just much easier for an end user to update elements rather than hoping they will understand how to keep the shortcodes intact.

    Thanks for the great theme and excellent support!

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