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Sidebars for Woocommerce Pages

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    I’m having trouble showing sidebars in woocommerce pages, especially the product pages. How come the sidebar overrides don’t work for the product pages? I can’t seem to get the right sidebar of widgets to pull up right by assigning the sidebar to the product category pages. Is this functionality still part of the themeblvd woocommerce patch plugin?

    Let me know.

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    Jason Bobich

    Can you try tell me more about what you’re doing that isn’t working?

    If we’re talking about Jump Start 2, then the WooCommerce patch plugin isn’t needed. In fact, you should make sure you have it disabled. Having it active may cause screwy results with sidebars. There are several ways to assign sidebars from Appearance > Widget Areas to WooCommerce pages when using Jump Start 2 and the latest version of the Theme Blvd Widget Areas plugin.

    Or, are we talking about Jump Start 1?


    Yes, so…..
    Woocommerce patch is not installed or activated.
    I cannot pick which sidebar to use on my product page, like at the bottom of all the other pages, you have a sidebar override box – there are none on my woo product pages.

    If I can figure out the right mixture of assigning the widget area to the proper product category, then the woocommerce product in my shortcode does not work. Although I cannot verify that it is assigning the correct sidebar, because I haven’t seen any of my code come through.

    I am utilizing add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’); and I’m only trying to show a few products with the woo shortcode – [products ids=”162,164,165″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

    I do know the correct widget is assigned now b/c the widget title is showing on the page (in sidebar), but the products won’t show with the woo shortcode.

    I’m sure this isn’t the case, but do you have shortcodes we should be using to display products per JumpStart?


    JumpStart 2, sorry….

    Jason Bobich

    Yes, there is no Sidebar Override box on WooCommerce products like on pages. So forget about doing it that way.

    Go to Appearance > Widget Areas, click to edit a widget area, and then from there, there are several ways to assign the widget area to various WooCommerce pages.

    Between all those options, and the ability to even write out a custom conditional, you should be pretty much covered.

    It sounds like maybe you’re making this a little unnecessarily complex. Just go to Appearance > Widget Areas and manage the sidebars AND their assignments from there.


    Sometimes, i do make it too complex….

    So then why will the woo products shortcode not show products in the text widget in the right sidebar?

    You can’t select specific products to show with the woocommerce widget, so I use a text widget to show specific products with the shortcode, and it is not showing any products.

    The only html output from the shortcode is
    <div class=”woocommerce columns-4″></div>
    and that is it. I do have products setup with those post-id #s in the shortcode I provided above.

    Let me know.

    Jason Bobich

    You’ve got me I’m a bit confused again — So now we’re talking about something different? Your issue isn’t my system for assigning sidebars, but with displaying WooCommerce shortcodes in a widget? Just in general?

    I’m not sure on that one. I would guess WooCommerce doesn’t intend these shortcodes to be used in widgets, but I’m not sure on that one.


    It wasn’t putting the products in the sidebar because the products were hidden from search and the catalog (woocommerce features). I was trying to list them separately by them being hidden products and that didn’t work, so now I’ve put them back in the catalog and all seems to be ok so far.


    One thing that I am having CSS issues with is if you use the ThemeBlvd custom page layout system to make columns, and put one product in each column, in chrome the images are 25% of the normal size. And in Firefox the columns are 3x the width they should be so the 3 column is pushed way off the right of the page, not in view.

    (I can completely write

    Should I not be doing it this way? I just need to do pages with certain products in certain places with certain orders, etc. Am I not doing something right or am I missing something?

    [product id=”174″] <– just using this shortcode in a column in your template builder.


    Thanks for everything.

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    Sorry…… Meant to say that I can write the CSS on my own, so I am not looking for you to write the fixes for me. Just wanted to know that this might need to accounted for in your theme’s woocommerce integration.
    But, it could be completely something I am doing wrong on my end, so……

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